Yours Truly

Hi!  How are you?   I would really love it if we could speak in our british accents.  ..orrr maybe that will just be me.  That’s ok.  Might as well make it over a cup of tea and an enjoyable conversation in a cozy coffee shop!  Wouldn’t that be lovely! :]

So, my name is Carmen.  I’m assuming you already know that.  If not, it is very nice to meet you!

I am quite the open book and I normally love to write about it and share it with you.  So here’s my platform for that.  Luckily a lot of it’s content gets “lost” in my hand-written journals–you should actually definitely be thankful. ;]

I could go on and on and on about what makes me uniquely me, but that still wouldn’t completely satisfy that deep desire that I/we have to be known.  But I can tell you that the most special fact about me is that I am a daughter of the King of Kings, which excitingly makes me a PRINCESS*. ;]  And there’s nothing greater than being known by the God of the universe!

But being a princess doesn’t always mean that life is always easy.  Sometimes I will succeed.  I might fail at other times.  But I know my God is bigger and is holding the pen to my story; my WHOLE story.  I’m just running after the open doors until they slam in my face.

AND trying to sustain a heart full of JOY throughout the adventure.  ..because, well, my God makes me crazy sometimes.  And sometimes I dance.  Or most of the times I dance!  And sometimes I sing.  Although not very well but I will still belt it out, hehe!  And then quite a bit of the time, I even cry.  Come on, what’s a girl to do with her emotions?! ;]  But hey, all of it’s ok.  The journey is really all about Him!  I’ve just been given this precious gift to be able to live it for Him!

So here’s a little piece of my heart.  It’s definitely not all of it –even I barely know all of it– but it is random musings of a woman whose soul desire is to seek after a heart full of Him, the True JOY to my being.

*my favorite Disney princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Just wanted you to know.. :]


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